Beautiful home thermostat controlled via the internet

People want to save money minimizing the energy they consume at home and in their businesses. The industry grade smart home systems are too expensive. The solution is a modular architecture of the internet of things devices controlled via internet and mobile.

From the very beginning eCozy aspired to offer a complete set of home automations mobile solutions. The first of which is a design-driven heating thermostat for water radiators. eCozy allows consumers to deploy comfortable heating modes for individual rooms with daily, weekly or monthly schedules as well as remotely control the system i.e. warming up the room distantly.

The average spend for heating is about 1000 euros per year for an apartement of 80 square meters.  eCozy’s promise is to cut the spend up to 25% and more due to smart and affordable use of technology without compromising the comfort.

Due to these economical modes eCozy saves at least 25% =>250 Euro a year. Even greater savings can be achieved in the SME sector with over 25 radiators under management.


Features eCozy Smart Termostat Existing Competitors
Remote Control
Modern Design
design patent pending
Scalability, Security, Facility management SW Integration (B2B)
Social integration
Self learning
Wi-Fi Central Unit

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